Pineapple Pacas Drip Coffee - 12oz

Pineapple Pacas Drip Coffee - 12oz


Flavours of strawberry and dark chocolate


    Producer: Mauricio Salaverria

    Region: ApanecaVarietals: Pacas

    Processing: Natural

    Mauricio is one of the most quality focused producers we have ever worked with. We are constantly impressed with his laser-focused, one-minded pursuit of the best possible cup at all costs. Mauricio places a particular emphasis on picking his cherries when they are extremely ripe, tip-toeing the line of being too ripe, which is a risky proposition that most farmers steer clear from. He uses a brix meter to determine when a coffee cherry has the most sugar content possible. As a result, Mauricio’s coffees are almost impossibly sweet and complex – expressing the flavour of the fruit in the best possible way.

    Mauricio is obsessed with creating high quality, interesting coffees. He has outdone himself with this Pacas. Look for notes of dark chocolate and strawberry.


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